As more homebuyers are looking to solar energy to help reduce their bills, questions arise about what to look for concerning a solar company. You want to save money, but you also do not want to hire a company that does subpar work. Below we have some tips on how to get both without sacrificing one for the other.

Virginia Solar Power:


Solar Energy In Virginia: The Five Things You Should Notice When Going Through The Hiring Process

1. Is the company working nearby to your area? The last thing you want is a company that is in another state. The other thing is that you want a contractor that is familiar with your location and some of the laws(ie. design permits and regulations). 

You may be opting for solar panels in Virginia. but you still need the proper permits. You cannot)legally) put up solar panels if you do comply with the local laws and other state regulations.

2. What about the company reviews? You should look at the reviews before giving someone the job. Often, the reviews give you an inside look into how the company deals with things. Another thing you can do is go online to the BBB(Better Business Bureau) site. 

what the BBB has to say? Google the company when you are on the site. You should be able to find the right information. The reviews will also tell you about the kinds of issues other homeowners have had with the company. 

The reviews will also tell you how the company reacted to the complaints. Did the company settle the issue in a reasonable and timely manner? Did the company just blow the customer off in disregard?

Those are the types of things you need to know before you make a call. Most of the time, the best solar power Virginia offers comes in with 4-5 stars. 

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3. Does the contractor have a license? Yeah, we know that should be an obvious thing, but you would be surprised. Some homeowners do hire the wrong company without proper research.

Every state has its own laws and regulations concerning licensing. Your area may be different compared to others. It is your job to figure out what licensing is needed for your job. Does the person(or company) have it?

You might also have to contend with multiple licensing. Some states do require more than one license(depending on the job). The company might hire a third-party to stay within compliance. You need to be careful though with that. Sometimes having more than one license will bring up issues(especially when you have more than one person involved). 

Make sure you hire the right person or company for your solar panels. Also, you will want to keep a close eye not things if there are multiple people involved. Often, you will hear, “I answer to him, not you”! 

There could be some communication issues that become ongoing. The idea is not to get involved, but make sure that the work will be completed on time. 

4. You also should look at the certifications for each contractor. Certification and licensing are different. Licensing means that the company(or person)can legally do the work without any issues. A certificate tells you about the experience and knowledge. Please, do not mistake the two. 

Have a look at each person’s credentials. What work have they done before? Has the person done the work you need before? Is this their first time attempting your job.?

Everyone has a first time. However, some jobs are more complicated than others. The solar panel work you want may be something a lot more complicated. That will require you to hire someone who has a little bit more experience. 

Perhaps the contractor(the one without much experience) should get the same experience with a less complicated job before they attempt yours. This is just something to think about.

5. It is okay to look around first. Remember, that you want the job finished right. That means you have the right to shop around to see what others offer. Companies that try to push you into something right away are kind of shady. 

Something is going on that the company does not want you to know. Take the time to gather enough information to make an informed choice. Do not let anyone pressure you into something that does not feel right.